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Funk and fusion driven psych rock band

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Band | Rock, Funk, Psychedelic


A lot of musicians make bold claims about being ‘all about the music’ or ‘just wanting to play’ but how many actually take it to the extreme of setting up on a street corner or hopping over fences just to play their music to passing people? 

King Crash do... in fact they spent all of lockdown all over NYC! In parks, on street corners - wherever they could set up and perform for people. This is how they first popped on Quickfix Recordings radar via some incendiary instagram posts.The band call to mind the 60’s festival heyday - in fact tracks from their Live Album like Election Day would have you swear that you were listening to a classic Santana Woodstock live recording or something similar from those halcyon days!

Singer/Guitarist Ryan Shivdasani grew up in California listening to Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix - which will be no surprise to anyone listening to the electric blues of Chicken Named Abdul - even it’s tongue-in-cheek lyric about a rooster in the henhouse calls to mind Jimi’s raunchy sense of humour before the fiery solo starts.

Upon moving to New York with a stack of songs he met Bassist Jack Redford, a Mancunian Jazz-Funker abroad playing sessions and Jonathan ‘Rubio’ Salas, a jazz scholar and Afro-Cuban percussion fan plus Berklee scholarship graduate, no less! They quickly bonded through a mutual love of James Brown, Mahavisnu Orchestra and a burning desire to play freeform music live by the seat of their pants! 

-Lee Christian (quickfixrecordings, journalist, dj)

Wasting no time at all, they got out and played anywhere they could at the least likely of times and now have both a live album and a sibling record in the case of the new single and it’s accompanying B-side tracks - all capturing their skilful spontaneity for posterity. The band are currently assembling a studio debut too so show no signs of slowing down and now that lockdown is easing they might be crashing into a venue near you soon...


Album Name Album Description Link Date
NYC Lockdown Street Tour Live album of street performances Spotify stream 08/27/2021
Chicken Named Abdul Outtake live album available exclusively for purchase on Bandcamp through Quickfix Recordings Purchase downloads from Bandcamp 09/30/2021



Our promotional performance reel

Footage segments from tracks 2 & 5 on NYC Lockdown Street Tour

Drum solo in Washington Square Park and warm up jam from Connie Island, both in 7

Medley of Minutes

Last track on Quickfix recordings bandcamp album, ‘Chicken Named Abdul,’ - it’s 5 quick segments of warm up jams

Audio Tracks

‘Super’ Bad Like Me

A live fast electric version of our song Bad Like Me from NYC Lockdown Street Tour (otherwise unreleased)

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